Sugar Household Uses

Sugar Household Uses

Below are some of the unusual and most surprising ways to put sugar to use.

  1. Keep cut flowers looking fresher. The sugar feeds the stalks, while bacteria stop from forming.
  2. Remove grass stain. Blend sugar and warm water to make a thick paste; apply right to the grass stain.
  3. Cool a tongue that is burning. Drank your coffee too quickly? Suck on a pinch of sugar or a sugar block that is hard to help alleviate the sting.
  4. Trap wasps and flies. When it cools, pour into a mason jar and put it out or on. The bugs will be trapped by the mixture.
  1. Mary Poppins said it herself, and studies have proven itBabies and infants who were granted sugar-water earlier immunization did not react as badly to the pain of their shots as kids who did not get a taste of the sweet things ahead.
  2. It is going to break down and wash out. Just make sure you dump out and wipe it clean.
  3. Keep cakes and breads refreshing. Add a couple of sugar cubes into the airtight container holding the baked products.

8. Banish roaches and bugs. Though sugar can be a pest’s best buddy, the addition of baking powder can allow it to be their worst enemy. About two tablespoons each sugar and baking powder in a bowl, and sprinkle the mixture over any regions you suspect fleas are currently hanging out. Reapply as needed and wash up frequently.

Treat wounds. Studies show that sprinkling some sugar on a bedsore or ulcer before dressing and cleaning it can help kill germs.

Rid nematodes from your own garden. If your plant or plant roots seem a bit bumpier than normal, you might have nematodes, a pest garden worm. If that’s true, sprinkle the soil around them and plants . This will encourage the”good” worms and germs to reproduce from the dirt and create a hostile environment for nematodes.


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